Nicholls will sell off our power assets

Tim Nicholls is the architect of StrongChoices. Last time in government, he tried to sell off billions in our assets. If he gets elected, he will try it again.

Nicholls will cut frontline jobs

Tim Nicholls was the treasurer who sacked thousands of frontline jobs – like Deb’s.

We need decent, stable government

Queensland can’t afford to chop and change. We need decent, stable government that sticks up for Queensland jobs.

Pauline is no friend of Queensland Workers

Many workers of thinking of voting One Nation, By Pauline Hanson and One Nation has voted for cuts to pensions, penalty rates, and supports attacks on workers and unions.

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What did Tim Nicholls do last time?

Tim Nicholls was the loyal deputy and Treasurer for Campbell Newman during the entire three years of LNP Government,

During this time they sacked tens of thousands of workers, cut services, tried to sell our assets and attacked our rights at work.

The truth is, you just can’t trust Tim Nicholls not to try and do it all again.

In Public Asset Sales
Public Servants sacked

What Are Our Values?

Safe & Secure Jobs

Having a safe and secure job is the bedrock for a good life.

We should aim for every worker to have access to safe, secure and permanent work if they want it. Permanent work allows families to plan, to invest, to borrow and provide.

Wages & Conditions

The more Queenslanders earning a good wage, in safe conditions, the more the economy and society benefits.

Investment in safe, and secure jobs with wages and condtions that come from workers negotiating with employers, is vital.

Union Rights

Unions represent hundreds of thousands of workers across Queensland.

Workers have the right to bargain for wages & conditions, protect workplace health & safety, and act collectively.  Unions have the right act on behalf of their members without attacks from punitive restrictions.


Schools and vocational education like TAFE are essential for opportunity.

Education, training and apprenticeships provide the pathway to good jobs with good wages and good conditions.

Community Services

We all benefit when we have well-funded services.

Services like police, fire and ambulance, as well as services like public transport, healthcare, and social services are essential for a decent society. They must be funded adequately,  and the workers treated with respect.

Public Assets

Public Assets belong to all of us.

Some goods are too important to leave to business. They are assets like power, vital infrastructure, health care, and essential services that can’t be left to profit over people.

We have built these assets up over generations and once they are sold, they’re gone forever.

Get Involved

Join our campaign to ensure that Tim Nicholls isn't allowed wreak havoc on Queensland again.

We will be on your TV, online, on the phones and out in the community, having as many conversations we can with Queenslanders. Tim Nicholls, the LNP and the One Nation party can’t be let loose to sack, cut, and attack in government.